Mistakes to Avoid when Applying SEO in Vancouver


The fundamental of SEO in Vancouver remains to help your website attain high ranking and increase traffic. There is a need to consistent focus and taking the right actions to ensure that the set goals are attained effectively. It is wrong for you to invest money in bad SEO since you end up losing your resources. Most businesses in Vancouver fail to attain their SEO goals as a result of committing simple mistakes that are easy to avoid. As you apply SEO in Montreal, here are some of the major mistakes you should avoid.

Use of generic keywords for all pages

Many businesses know the importance of creating a list of keywords that help them rank. However, most go wrong by trying to have every page optimized for generic phrases. Instead of congesting ten to fifteen keyword phrases on a single page, you can get better results if you optimize each page of your website for one or two long-tail keyword phrases.  Ensure that the pages are targeted, specific, and written professionally. This technique also helps you develop a good site architecture that search engines and visitors appreciate.

Focus on search engine optimization

As you apply SEO in Vancouver, note that you should focus more on your audience, but not search engines crawlers. Original, well written, relevant and targeted content help your website rank high and convert into sales.  Note that if you optimize your website for search engines, it will attract more traffic, but the pages will not convert.  This increases the bounce rate. Therefore, as you develop the content, put targeted audience in mind and provide information they require. The rule here is to make sure that your page solves problems and answer questions your targets have.

Non-credible links

Link building is a great technique you can apply in SEO in Vancouver.  However, if it is done wrong the results are disappointing. One of the greatest mistakes that happen is thinking that quality is what matters when it comes to link building. However, it is the quality of the links that matters instead of quantity. It is true that with many quality links your website can rank above the others compared to those with less quality links. However, it is the quality that is the main factor in allowing the improved ranking, but not quantity.  Never allow links from non-credible sources. Paying attention to credible links from reputable sites increases your profile and reputation to both search engines and target audience.

Non-responsive website

The other great SEO mistake you make is failure to optimize your site for mobile devices. Things have changed nowadays whereby most people use mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets and others to surf. Thus, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you are locking many people from accessing your website. Therefore, make sure that your website is fully responsive so that people using different devices to surf can access it. This ensures that all your targets can visit your website and find all what you offer in a more effective way.



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